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Slaves to Righteousness

July 10, 2016 Preacher: Series: Romans

Passage: Romans 6:15– :23

“Slaves to Righteousness”
Romans 6:15–23

Big Picture: In Christ, we are freed from the slavery of sin to become slaves to God. Our greatest freedom is to become slaves to Christ.

Point # 1: We become slaves to whom we obey (15-18)

· Either slaves of sin to death, or slaves of obedience to righteousness

· Through obedience to God's Word, those who were slaves of sin become slaves of righteousness (17-18)

Point # 2 Our motivation for serving God as his obedient slaves

· Serving righteousness produces holiness (19)

· Serving sin produces death (20-21)

· Serving God produces the fruit of holiness, and in the end, eternal life (22)

· Sin pays its servants: the wages are death. But God gives the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (23)