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Our congregation approved a merger with Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church on January 21, 2024.

Once we receive the green light from the CRA, we will be officially known as Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. For now, we are one church under that name (spiritually), but two charities (legally).

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Gather All the Nations to Him

December 24, 2023 Preacher: Alex Bloomfield Series: Christmas

Passage: Matthew 2:1–12

Scene 1: A disturbing question (1-3)

  • The likely background: The prophecy of Balaam (Num. 22-24)

Scene 2: A revealing investigation (4-8)

  • The clarity of scripture. (Micah 5)
  • The legitimacy of Jesus contrasts with the illegitimacy of Herod.

Scene 3: A fitting coronation (9-12)

  • The familiar movement and resting place of the ‘star’. (Ex. 13: 22-24; 40: 36-38)
  • The gifts are appropriate for royalty and may be symbolic. (Psalm 72, Isaiah 60)
  • The nations are bowing before Israel’s King, a mountain peak of biblical theology.

Conclusion: On the yet greater light of scripture.

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