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The Suffering Messiah and His Suffering Disciples

January 14, 2024 Preacher: John Bell Series: The Gospel According to Mark

Passage: Mark 8:22–38

Main Point: “The cross of our Messiah defines our discipleship to Jesus.”

1. Eyes to see: the physical healing of the blind man’s eyes is a picture of what’s about to happen to the disciples’ spiritual sight when they confess Jesus to be the Messiah – albeit, a Messiah who does not suffer and die.


2. Peter’s confession: “You are the Messiah.”


3. Jesus the Messiah must suffer many things, be rejected, die, and rise again. Anything else is satanic.


4. Christians must suffer.

  • Christian, take up your cross!
  • Christian, lose your life for Christ’s sake—only to save it!
  • Christian, do not be ashamed of the Son of Man!

What all of Jesus’ disciples must learn is that to be a follower of Jesus entails a painful renunciation of self-interest, and a wholehearted turn to Jesus’ interests.

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