Welcome to the former online home of New City Baptist Church!

Our congregation approved a merger with Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church on January 21, 2024.

Once we receive the green light from the CRA, we will be officially known as Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. For now, we are one church under that name (spiritually), but two charities (legally).

Join us at 10:30am every Sunday and 7:30pm every Thursday at 527 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

What is a Local Church?

March 3, 2024 Preacher: John Bell Series: Sunday School: Church Basics

Definition: “A local church is a group of Christians who regularly gather (in one place, at one time) in Christ’s name to officially affirm and oversee one another’s membership in Jesus Christ and his kingdom through gospel preaching and gospel ordinances. All this they do by the authority of the keys.”

(Which means the next time you hear someone say, “The church is a people, not a place,” you might respond: “Sort of. The people become a people by regularly assembling in a place. You can’t call the team a “team” if they never play together.)

The word ἐκκλησία (ekklēsia) does not mean “called out ones.” Instead, it has the basic meaning of “assembly,” and there are two threads that tie together to help us understand this.

1. Old Testament Background
• Deuteronomy 9:10
• Joshua 8:35

2. Political Background
• Acts 19

Question: Why can there be no such thing as a multisite or multiservice church?

Not Just a Gathering

Why Does This Matter?

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