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A Portrait of The King

July 7, 2024 Preacher: Alex Bloomfield Series: Chronicles: The End of the Beginning

Big Picture of 1 & 2 Chronicles: The book of Chronicles functions as the capstone sermon for the entire Old Testament. It provides an inspired commentary on God’s great works from creation to the return from exile inspiring firm hope that all God’s promises to his people (represented by the royal line of David) and about his place (God’s special revelatory presence in the temple) will indeed come to pass.

Big Picture of Chapters 10-29: The Chronicler re-tells the story of David through the lens of his Kingship, emphasizing the ways in which he most foreshadowed the promised Son of David (the Messiah figure) in order to encourage the returned exiles that such a king was indeed still to come.

Typology is the study of OT events, characters, places, and objects (types) that foreshadow, prophesy, and find fulfillment in a greater NT reality (antitype). David is a type of Christ.


The Davidic Covenant (Ch. 17) is the centrepiece of the Chronicler’s David story, as it is in the Old Testament as a whole. All prior promises filter through it. Jesus fulfills it.

The rest of the Chronicler’s account can be broken up into eight parts, each of which reveal a different way in which King David foreshadows King Jesus.

1) David’s God-ordained rise to power. (10:1-11:3)

2) David captures and makes Jerusalem his capital. (11:4-9)

3) David unites God’s people. (11:10-12:40)

4) David restores God’s presence amongst his people. (13-16)

5) David subdues his enemies. (18-20)

6) David’s census sin and intercession on Mt. Moriah. (21:1-22:1)

7) David’s temple preparations. (22:2-27:34)

8) David and the Lord exalt Solomon’s throne. (28-29)


*This is sermon owes a great debt to Jim Hamilton's thoughts on 1 Chr. 17, Stephen Dempster's Dominion and Dynasty, and Chronicles commentaries by J.G. McConville and Michael Wilcock.

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